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Almost worthwhile: A follow-up to AlmostEverest

In the spirit of our nostalgic trip look back at the AlmostEverest event, I decided to embark on my own Trek for Technology.

Eight years ago, some people at TechRepublic decided it would neat to equip two TechRepublic editors (Michael Jackman and David Bard) with the most rugged of mobile equipment, and send them up Mount Everest to see what would happen. John Sheesley talks about the "AlmostEverest" project in this blog.

In the spirit of our nostalgic trip look back at the AlmostEverest event, I decided to embark on my own Trek for Technology. I set out to climb a Siltstone escarpment that rises 400-500 feet above Southern Indiana. I call it "Nearly Floyd's Knobs."

While the final budget for the Almost Everest trek reached about $30,000 (understand, this was during the boom), things had to be scaled down a bit for this newest adventure. My budget came to $13.92, not counting the juice boxes I brought from home.

Armed with a camera, a laptop, two sandwiches, and the aforementioned juice boxes, I set out to conquer this mighty bump of land in the name of technology.

My journey began at 6:45am and ended at 8:15am. I am a wiser, more compassionate person because of it. The hardships and triumphs I experienced during those almost-two hours will stay with me forever. Here are the blogs I wrote while on my adventure:

  • Halfway up: I can see the State Street McDonald's from here!
  • Aw man, was that poison ivy?
  • I knew I should have brought more juice boxes!
  • Who knew that, when the weather is nice, the mall walkers show up here?
  • Those mall walkers sure are fast!
  • My encounter with a snarling gray wolf
  • Finding out that the gray wolf was actually someone's pet German Shepherd who was snarling because I walked through his backyard

I must confess that due to unforeseen difficulties* I was unable to complete the climb. But I believe it is a testament to my fortitude and good physical shape that I was able to make it up 200 feet of that knobstone without keeling over.

*Unforeseen circumstances: Some guy threatened to beat me with a weed eater if I didn't stop stealing his wi-fi signal; I kept tripping over vines and sticks because I was trying to text-message while I walked; and Montel was on at 9:00.

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