And so it begins...

Until today, I had actively resisted the overwhelming peer pressure to join the blog phenomenon (hey, I'm a geek, and geeks don't flow with the monoculture gestalt). I never really saw the appeal of keeping a running journal of my offhand thoughts or the inane, banal experiences that make up my everyday life. I mean, it's not like I'm some famous celebrity or industry expert that merits the voyeur treatment.

But, when you actually play a hideously minor role in helping devise and promote a new blog platform, it's only polite to actually use the software yourself.

So, what can you expect from this tiny corner or the ever-expanding blogosphere? Rants, mostly, about stuff only the geekiest of geeks would care about. Half-baked ideas about how to build a better online community of technology professionals. Oh, and all the stuff I've thought about putting in Geek Trivia but, for reasons I alone am privy to, didn't make the cut.

Mostly, I'm going to mention some names the vast majority of you won't recognize, like Warren "Bad Signal" Ellis, Charles Stross, and Scott Kurtz. (Google them, and ye shall come to understanding.)

So, if any of that sounds amusing, stick around. Otherwise, I'll just be talking to amuse myself, and validate my own ego.

Hey, maybe I understand this whole blog thing after all.