Apparently I've offended Asimov's Magazine

Back in July, I made what I thought was a sarcastic remark about the relative politeness of rejection letters from Asimov's Science Fiction magazine and Fantasy & Science Fiction magazine. Mostly, I was just giddy to get a quick rejection with a hand-signed letter (or so it appeared). Now, I seriously doubt that Sheila Williams or anybody at Asimov's would ever slum it enough to read this blog, but on a karmic level, I get the feeling the universe didn't take to my snark. Why?

Asimov's has had a story for almost 12 weeks, with no rejection letter in sight. Asimov's Web site says their turnaround time is usually five weeks, but my last two rejections from them took about 7-8 weeks. The site also assured me that if I don't receive a response in three months--namely, by Sept. 19 (a week from today)--I can assume the story was lost in the mail. I've actually found a way to get rejected without even receiving a rejection letter. That takes talent.

Back to the salt mines...