Apple iPad UI is tested by a two-year-old

BNET contributor Todd Lappin posted a video of his daughter's first encounter with the Apple iPad. He says the experience can teach the tech industry a few things about how to make and market great products.

BNET contributor Todd Lappin posted a video of his adorable 2.5 year-old daughter's first encounter with his Apple iPad.

Here's what he writes about his daughter's experience with the device:

As you can see, my kid took right to it. She uses my iPhone a lot, so she was already familiar with the basic elements of the interface. But she also mastered the new aspects of the iPad instantly -- including figuring out how to 2x enlarge some of her favorite iPhone-legacy apps to display full-size on the iPad screen. If you're good at understanding kid-speak, you'll also notice that she immediately saw its potential as a video-display device. And echoing an often-heard gripe about the iPad, it took her exactly 20 seconds to lament the lack of a camera. She also wondered about its potential for playing games.

But the experience wasn't perfect: My daughter had the same frustration as many adults, where touching the screen-edge with your thumb while holding the iPad blocks input to all home screen icons. Notice also that she was confused by the splash page for FirstWords Animals, her favorite spelling game: Because the start button looked like a graphic, rather than a conventional button, she couldn't figure out how to start the game.

Since posting the video, he says that his daughter has become an Internet sensation. Read Lappin's BNET post to find out what he thinks his daughter's Apple iPad test can teach the tech industry about how to make and market great products.

Marvel app on the iPad
TechRepublic purchased two iPads (one of which was recently cracked open), and we'll post our reviews in the coming weeks. (Some of us might already, jokingly, refer to one of the iPads as "My Precious.") [Update on 4/28/10: Read Jason Hiner's business review of the Apple iPad.] My initial reaction when I saw the iPad is what many folks said when it was announced: It looks like a big iPhone. It's been fun playing around with the iPad at the office; then again, I didn't shell out $500 of my own money for the device.

If you bought or have played around with the Apple iPad, how long did it take you to get familiar with the UI? What are your major frustrations with the device? What do you like most about it? Do you already have a favorite app? Share your thoughts and experiences in the discussion.

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