Celebrate Free Comic Book Day 2011 this Saturday

Free Comic Book Day 2011 is a great opportunity for young geeks and geeks who are young at heart to get some excellent reading material. See the list of comics that are available for this year's FCBD.

Free Comic Book Day 2011 is Saturday, May 7th. All you need to do to is walk into a participating store (use the FCBD Store Locator for the United States and Canada or the FCBD Store Locator for outside of the United States and Canada) and select a free comic from either the 2011 Gold Comic list or the 2011 Silver Comic List.

2011 Gold Comics 2011 Silver Comics

A special bonus this year is that some stores may have also have a HeroClix miniature of the Green Lantern.

Companies such as DC Comics, Marvel, and Dark Horse Comics provide samples of their wares as a way to show fans they appreciate them and to generate interest from readers who are new to comics.

Since I usually don't leave a comic book store without spending at least $10, I look forward to getting some free reading material. Now I just need to decide whether to pick up Amazing Spider-man and Elric, or maybe The Tick or Captain America Thor. I have some serious thinking to do between now and Saturday.

Check out the Free Comic Book Day 2011 FAQ for answers to questions you might about this special offer, such as How many comics do I get? You should also look at the Free Comic Book Day Store Locator to see if creators will be in your local comic book store this Saturday for signings.