Celebrate Star Trek's 45th anniversary in style

Dust off your Kirk uniform, practice your Trekkie pick-up lines, and get some Romulan Ale because it's time to celebrate the anniversary of the first airing of Star Trek.

September 8, 2011 is the 45th anniversary of the broadcast of the first episode of Star Trek. On that Thursday evening in 1966, the public was shown a future where a united humanity had conquered its differences and reached for the stars. After the broadcast of that episode, The Man Trap, the future was a little different and a little brighter than it had been only an hour before. Forty-five years later, the Star Trek franchise includes 723 TV episodes spread across six series and 11 movies, a lot of music, enough books to build a medium-size library, and another movie coming "real soon." In my opinion, the anniversary of the airing of the first episode warrants a party.

Some people might think a Star Trek anniversary party is a wee bit odd but not me. I'm the guy who once got September 8th off during a development cycle when nobody was getting days off. I accomplished this by informing my manager that it was a religious holiday and that was it. So, doesn't a holiday deserve a celebration?

Parties of this nature need to be done right; otherwise, you might as well put on your redshirt, run out to the store, and accept the inevitable. The logical party planning Trekkie would carefully consider the food, drinks, what to wear, music, and video. Here are my suggestions.


If you're having pizza, you need to at least carry it like Captain Kirk -- vertical and under his arm. Or, better yet, you can make something from The Star Trek Cookbook by Ethan Phillips (who played Neelix on Star Trek: Voyager) and William J. Birnes. Unless, of course, you can lay your hands on some Klingon serpent worms so that you can make Gagh.


You'll need something to wash down that Rokeg Blood Pie, and what could be more appropriate than Romulan Ale? I hear that the fine folks at ThinkGeek have a friend that every once in a while brings a case across the Neutral Zone. Wait, maybe that was Doctor McCoy. Either way, it beats prune juice... unless you're a Klingon.


The big question before a party is always what to wear. Should I go casual? Should I get dressed up, wear something suitable for everyday, or go really casual? It doesn't matter, because I know that the folks at StarTrek.com pretty much have my clothing needs, eh, covered.


With the music, I figure things can go one of two ways: get a copy of Leslie Fish's Banned from Argo or play the soundtracks to the TV shows and movies, which are suitable for all audiences. The soundtracks are actually very good, although fans of the movie Aliens might recognize a note or two in Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan. (Hint: compare when the Enterprise rises up behind the Reliant in the nebular and when the drop-ship rises to the platform in the air processing plant.)


This is a no-brainer. There are 23 days, 1 hour and 21 minutes of Star Trek on video -- that's long enough even if the party was thrown on 892-IV.


I might even try out my pickup lines on my wife. Who knows, maybe she'll take pity on a hopeful Star Trek geek, and the lines might actually work.

Share your party plans

I'm looking forward to my celebration plans for September 8, 2011. How do you plan to mark the occasion in Trek-worthy style?

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Note: StarTrek.com is a CBS brand.