Comic-Con 2010 game panels I'm sorry I missed

Find out which game panels contributor Andy Moon would have attended if he had gone to Comic-Con International 2010. Hint: One of them is not Gears of War 3.

I was unable to join my geeky kindred spirits in San Diego, California last week for Comic-Con International 2010, where they saw cosplayers, comics, and collectibles. These are the Comic-Con 2010 game panels I would have attended.

  • Red vs. Blue If you like comedy, the Red vs. Blue series is worth your time. The series is a machanima construct using the Halo game engine to create a rich storyline that began back in the halcyon days of Halo 2. This panel included the actors who voice Grif, Tex, and Simmons, and they talked about the growth of machanima and showed a new episode.
  • Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II LucasArts hosted a panel to discuss the upcoming release of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II. The panel included a live demo of the new game that would have my sons in a virtual tizzy of force-wielding action. (One of my four-year-old son's favorite things to do is run around the house playing Star Wars "in my imagination," destroying battle droids and engaging in tactical retreats from droidekas as he puts his hands out to use the force.) Read GameSpot's recap of the panel discussion.
  • Halo: Reach It's no secret that I'm a fan of the Halo video game franchise. TechRepublic sent me to Seattle for a preview of Halo 3 (here's a photo of me with Master Chief), I have committed to another Halo review, hopefully just before Halo: Reach hits the shelves on September 14, 2010. This panel included a preview of campaign mode, an updated firefight mode, and Forge World, the updated map editor. I think I feel a cold coming on... I might be sick mid September. ;) Watch GameSpot's video of the Halo: Reach panel, and read The Wall Street Journal's recap of the panel.
  • LEGO Universe Another LEGO panel focused on LEGO Universe, and the creative process involved in bringing LEGO worlds to life. I admit that I like the LEGO video games; these level-based puzzle games are engaging and fun and really draw the player into the LEGO Universe.
  • Twisted Metal I may actually have a compelling reason to purchase a PlayStation 3 in 2011 because David Jaffe (of God of War fame) is back with another edition of the most twisted game ever put out on the Sony platform. Basically, we are talking about a large variety of different kinds of cars, all bristling with machine guns, missiles, barrels full of gasoline, and even napalm guns. The best part is the character storylines, which would give my children nightmares if I let them watch it. Watch GameSpot's video of the Twisted Metal panel. (Related TechRepublic gallery: E3 2010: A first look at Twisted Metal for PS3.)
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