Comic-Con 2010: Getting autographs would be my top priority

If you could attend Comic-Con 2010 in San Diego, CA, what activity would be number one on your wish list? Edmond Woychowsky says he would collect autographs, which might earn him brownie points with his wife.

If comics are a hobby that many parents expect their children to outgrow, then why are the big kids in Hollywood making movies and TV shows based on comic books and graphic novels such as Iron Man 2 and The Walking Dead? Mothers might as well face it: Comic books are a big business that almost borders on religion, and this will be evident at Comic-Con 2010 in San Diego, CA from July 22-25.

If you've never heard of Comic-Con, then you obviously don't read FoxTrot by Bill Amend (shame on you!). However, you do have a chance at redemption, since he will be selling (probably autographed) prints at Comic-Con 2010.

I like to collect autographs, so if I could attend Comic-Con 2010 this week, I would get Spider-Man comic books, R is for Rocket and The Illustrated Man, autographed, and I would ask the original Battlestar Galactica actors to sign my wife's box set (I always need brownie points). There's a long list of artists, actors, and writers who are scheduled to attend and give autographs, including Dirk Benedict, The Million Dollar Man, China Miéville, Douglas E. Richards, J. Michael Straczynski, and Tanya Huff.

At Comic-Con 2010, you might also:

For Geekend readers planning to attend Comic-Con 2010 in San Diego (it is one of the member-recommended geek vacations), what are you most excited to see or do? (One tip: You might want to stop by the CBS booth.) If you'd like to attend Comic-Con 2010 this week but cannot, what activity and/or panel discussion would be on your wish list? Answer the poll question and then share your thoughts in the forum.

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