Comic-Con 2010 movie panels I'm sorry I missed

Geekend contributor Andy Moon was not able to make it to Comic-Con International 2010. Find out which TV panels he would have attended if he had gone to the event.

I was unable to join my geeky kindred spirits in San Diego, California last week for Comic-Con International 2010, where they saw cosplayers, comics, and collectibles. I was busy at my full-time job in Houston, so the closest I was able to get to the action was reading live blogs from some of the panels that interested me and watching four hours of G4's event coverage, hosted by Kevin Pereira and Olivia Munn. My six-year-old son even expressed an interest in some of the con coverage, particularly about Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.

I still love comics even though when I was 15, a guy I thought was my buddy absconded to Virginia with my entire comic book collection, which at the time included three sets of the original TMNT comics and X-Men comics from issue 98 through some time in 1985 (I haven't forgotten, Mike.) However, Comic-Con 2010's panel discussions would have been the highlight of the event for me (Geekend contributor Edmond Woychowsky said his primary mission would have been to get autographs). These are the Comic-Con 2010 movie panels I would have attended.

  • I would love to have seen the panel by staff. In my opinion, the Tolkien novels are the best fantasy fiction ever created, and Peter Jackson did the books justice because The Lord of the Rings series are the best fantasy movies ever made. This discussion focused on the two upcoming movies based on The Hobbit, which will be prequels to The Lord of the Rings series. It's rumored that Peter Jackson may take over as the director, as Guillermo del Toro recently had to step down from the role.
  • TRON: Legacy For me, TRON was the seminal movie for sci-fi. I remember seeing the movie on laser disc and being absolutely enthralled; in fact, that viewing was enough to convince me to shove dozens of my paper route quarters into the TRON arcade game, but I digress. The new TRON movie, TRON: Legacy, appears to have many of the elements I found so cool in the original (light-cycles, anyone?) with today's special effects to replace the ones from 1982. The panel included the director, Joseph Kosinski, and several cast members, including Jeff Bridges and Olivia Wilde. Read's recap of the TRON: Legacy panel.
  • Pixar Few movie companies get it right as consistently as Pixar. Every Pixar movie I've watched is very enjoyable -- and not just because the films put my kids into a coma-like trance; the stories are engaging, the characters are well developed, and the animation is spectacular. I think the short films Pixar runs before its features are almost as good as the full-length films. If you haven't seen them, DVR the Pixar Short Films show that is airing on the Disney Channel.

Also read about the Comic-Con 2010 TV, game, and more panels I missed.

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