Daleks invade your peripheral space, via USB

Dalek webcamOn the heels of the TARDIS USB hub, we have two Dalek-inspired peripherals for your EX-TERM-IN-ATE-ish pleasure: The Dalek Webcam, and the Dalek USB flash drive (found via SFSignal). Somewhat appropriately, these items are far easier to come by in the UK than the U.S. (must be that one-season delay the BBC insists upon), so you're encouraged to have a friendly Briton purchase on your behalf. That, or resort to eBay.

By Jay Garmon

Jay Garmon has a vast and terrifying knowledge of all things obscure, obtuse, and irrelevant. One day, he hopes to write science fiction, but for now he'll settle for something stranger -- amusing and abusing IT pros. Read his full profile. You can a...