Do you have beefs with the sci-fi show 'Caprica'?

After watching the TV show Caprica, ZDNet blogger Jason Perlow asks the Syfy channel to stop insulting his intelligence.

ZDNet blogger Jason Perlow hasn't been able to get into Syfy's Caprica (the "prequel" series to Battlestar Gallactica) because he has a number of beefs with the sci-fi TV show. Before detailing his problems with this specific show, he writes:

As Sci-Fi fans, we are used to accepting a lot of things at face value for the sake of entertainment. If a show is particularly good, the plot is engaging, and we like the characters, we can overlook a lot of stuff that is implausible or outright ridiculous.

For example, in all the various iterations of Star Trek, just about every alien looks more or less like a human being, except they are wearing prostheses so you know they are "Aliens". We know that it's highly unlikely that aliens will look anything like human beings if we ever come into contact with them, but because the show is so entertaining we deal with it. You take it at face value.

Here are a few of his gripes about Caprica (though I recommend reading his entire ZDNet post):

Okay, first of all, it takes place 150,000 YEARS AGO. Fine, but suddenly everything on Planet Caprica (also known as Vancouver) looks like a mixture of 1940's hard boiled detective flicks and the Jetsons, with overexposed lighting, with a lot of Blade Runner and The Matrix thrown in for good measure?

I'm supposed to accept that the Caprican/Colonial civilization is high-tech and yet low tech at the same time, with people throwing away disposable multimedia paper display units on the street but in the police station, they're using rotary phones?

I could accept the discrepancy between the very high tech and low tech, since we saw that on the original show and they had some semi-valid reasons for it. But that's not my only problem. These people wear clothes identical to ours, and have a culture and shared mythology nearly identical to ours, except that their predominant religion is polytheist based on Greco/Roman lore instead of a monotheistic one, which the "Bad Guys" have?

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So Geekend readers, are you watching this show? If not, you can check out Caprica videos on the Syfy site. If so, do you agree with Jason's comments, or are you enjoying the show despite some of the points?

I think Jason's friend poses an interesting question: "Do you get the feeling that we are viewing this because we are total geeks and we'll watch anything that is a Sci-Fi show and because few alternatives exist?" Tell us what you think.