Fed up with Netflix? Consider these nine alternatives

If Netflix's price hike is causing you to reconsider your subscription, CNET blogger Ed Rhee provides information about nine alternatives that are available.

The Netflix announcement about its upcoming price increases has been the topic of much Internet fodder and subscriber complaints this week. In case you missed the story, ZDNet blogger Rachel King summarizes the upcoming changes to Netflix's pricing plans:

"For subscribers who still want both unlimited streaming and at least the unlimited one DVD out at-a-time plan, they'll have to fork over $15.98 per month (thus, $7.99 + $7.99). For reference, up until now, the rate for the comparative unlimited DVD and streaming plan has been $9.99 per month."

If the price hike is causing you to rethink your Netflix subscription, CNET blogger Ed Rhee has written about nine alternatives. For this Geekend post, I'm just listing this information from his post: the alternatives, the costs, and whether the options are available for mobile apps; Ed provides more details about the services in his CNET post.

DVD rental

  • Redbox Mobile apps: iPhone and Android for reservations Cost: $1 plus tax, per title
  • GreenCine Mobile apps: N/A Cost: From $9.95/month for one DVD out up to $49.95/month for eight DVDs out
  • Blockbuster Mobile apps: Certain Android devices for downloading over Wi-Fi only. Cost: From $11.99/month for one DVD out up to $19.99/month for three DVDs out. Up to $3.99 for on-demand videos.
  • Public library Mobile apps: N/A Cost: Free


  • Hulu Plus Mobile apps: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Android Cost: $7.99/month
  • Amazon Instant Video Mobile apps: N/A Cost: Up to $1.99 for TV episodes and up to $3.99 for movies. Amazon Prime Instant Videos are free with $79 annual membership to Amazon Prime.
  • CinemaNow Mobile Apps: N/A Cost: Up to $3.99 per title
  • Comcast Xfinity TV Mobile apps: iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch for viewing and DVR controls. Android for DVR controls only. Cost: On Demand rentals up to $5.99. Wide selection of free TV shows and movies (with Comcast service) and premium network content available only with network subscription.
  • HBO Go Mobile apps: iPhone, iPad, and Android Cost: Free to HBO subscribers on the list of approved providers.

Your feedback

One alternative I'll add to Ed's list is locally owned DVD rental shops. Tell us about other Netflix alternatives in the discussion.

At this point, I think I'm going to keep my Netflix streaming plan and drop the DVD plan, but I'm curious to hear TechRepublic members' thoughts on this topic. Do you plan to cancel your Netflix subscription? If so, what alternatives you're considering?

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