Fresh, new sci-fi daily...for a year


"365 tomorrows is a collaborative project designed to present readers

with one new piece of short speculative fiction each day for one year."

Yes, they have an RSS feed. Yes, I am reading it. No, I'm not otherwise involved.

Yes, considering recent events, I do find this particular project

mildly depressing. Maybe I should just start a vanity URL to publish my

own crap online, and then endure the public criticism that inevitably

follows. If I can handle the Geek Trivia quibbles, I can handle


By Jay Garmon

Jay Garmon has a vast and terrifying knowledge of all things obscure, obtuse, and irrelevant. One day, he hopes to write science fiction, but for now he'll settle for something stranger — amusing and abusing IT pros. Read his full profile. You can a...