Geek fashion suggestions for women

From steampunk-style dresses to physics-themed tees, Nicole Bremer Nash offers women tips on how to lead the geek fashion revolution without getting fussy.

Geek girls don't have much time to worry about their looks -- we're too busy being smart and playing video games. It turns out, though, that lots of people like the geek look, and it has become quite fashionable. Check out the TechRepublic gallery Geeky attire and accessories for women to pick up wardrobe ideas that will show off your geek pride. (Note: Some of the items featured are not necessarily just for women.)

Photo credit: ThinkGeek

These are the items featured in the gallery:

By Nicole Nash

Nicole Bremer Nash is Director of Content and Social Media for HuTerra, where she uses SEO and social media to promote charitable organizations in their community-building and fundraising efforts. She enjoys volunteering, arts and crafts, and conduct...