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Geek Trivia: The 20 all-time favorite columns

Which of The Trivia Geek's hundreds of Geek Trivia columns -- written over an almost eight year period spanning multiple formats and attempts at cancellation -- constitute his personal top 20?

On August 31, 2001, your friendly neighborhood Trivia Geek, Jay Garmon (me), was handed the keys to a so-called TechMail known as Geek Trivia. That first column was barely 200 words long, was sourced from, and involved some inside-baseball production trivia about The Simpsons. During the course of the next seven years, the column would grow to more than 80,000 subscribers in more than 200 countries, would twice dodge the cancellation axe, and would become the lynchpin of this, the Geekend blog.

And this is the last Geek Trivia I'll ever write for TechRepublic or the Geekend. The Trivia Geek is hanging up his spurs after seven and a half years of slinging interrogative minutia across the World Wide Web. The editorial authorities here at TechRepublic have paid me the ultimate compliment by dubbing me irreplaceable; Geek Trivia won't go on without me, so this is the final entry for the newsletter and the column under this humble masthead.

Before we close shop, however, there is one last trivia question I'd like to put to the audience; one that I hope will be worth the seven years or so of work and research it took to conjure.


Get the answer.

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