Geek Trivia: The Quibble of the Week for March 18

There's space for yet another organization capable of launching a craft into orbit.

If you uncover a questionable fact or debatable aspect of this week's Geek Trivia, just post it in the discussion area of the article. Every week, yours truly will choose the best quibble from our assembled masses and discuss it in a future edition of Geek Trivia.

This week's quibble comes from the Mar. 12, 2008 edition of Geek Trivia, "Launching a radio star." Member HavaCigar dinged me for not being specific enough in my characterization spacelaunch-capable organizations:

"'In fact, outside of this trio, only five organizations have the power to even launch unmanned spacecraft into orbit.' You forgot the U.S. Air Force."

True enough, and they aren't the only ones. I should have said that only five civilian organizations have the power to independently launch objects into space. Every nation with a civilian spacelaunch agency has, by extension, a military spacelaunch capability, as no country would deny its military such a strategic asset.

Thanks for the making time to remember the men and women in uniform, and keep those quibbles coming.

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By Jay Garmon

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