Geek Trivia: What are only two local U.S. holidays to delay the IRS tax deadline?

Emancipation Day is the only local holiday that can delay the national U.S. federal tax filing deadline. However, as recently as 2010, another local holiday also delayed Tax Day in much of the northeastern United States.

This week's quibble comes from the Feb. 23, 2012 edition of Geek Trivia, which asked in what year is the current Gregorian leap year system expected to 'fail?'

Member Dukhalion took issue with the over-emphasis on the Gregorian viewpoint:

"Since all our calendars have an arbitrary beginning, we can change them anytime we want to, just like pope Greg did in medieval times. Besides, this isn't 2012 to all people in the world. The Muslims have 1433, Buddhists have 2556, You can check the rest here.

So, should we call next year Wikiyear 1, and reset all inconsistencies?"

I'm all in favor of a Wiki-calendar, if only because we could consensus-edit in some days off (and maybe delay a Tax Day or two) simply through a web interface. Thanks for the input, and keep those quibbles coming.

By Jay Garmon

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