Geek Trivia: What is the 'real' reason Atari developed the original Pong?

When Atari first developed Pong -- the first commercially successful video arcade game ever -- it was never even intended to be sold.

A mere 40 years ago this month, arcade video gaming got its first success story; on Nov. 29, 1972, Atari officially announced the release of Pong, the first commercially profitable arcade video game ever made. How Pong came upon its success -- and how it even came into existence -- is one of the more fascinating stories in video game history.

First, some housekeeping. Pong was not the first arcade video game ever produced. It wasn't even the first coin-operated arcade video game. A small number of obscure and unsuccessful prototypes made it into the wild before Pong, but Pong earns its status as the first arcade video game to actually prove popular and earn serious profits. One of those pre-Pong arcade pioneers was a remarkably Asteroids-like video game called Computer Space, created for Nutting Associates by Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney in 1971.

The same Bushnell and Dabney that founded Atari in 1972 and released Pong that same year. Computer Space didn't take off, but Bushnell and Dabney saw the potential of the technology and formed Atari to build games that could be successful. They quickly signed a deal with Bally -- then a heavyweight in the pinball machine space -- with the promise of delivering an arcade video game hit that the company could distribute to its customers.

Pong was not that promised game. In fact, when Atari first developed Pong, it was never even intended to be sold -- Bushnell and Dabney commissioned Pong for an entirely different reason.


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By Jay Garmon

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