Geek Trivia: What was the last astronaut wake-up song ever played aboard a space shuttle?

Find out the last song ever used by NASA to awaken astronauts aboard an orbiting space shuttle.

A Kate Smith rendition of "God Bless America" was followed by a historical greeting from astronaut and mission CAPCOM Shannon Lucid as the final wake-up call for a space shuttle crew. The complete wake-up call playlist for STS-135 included:

While such human touches will forever have a place in manned spaceflight, the final chapter of musical accompaniment for shuttle astronauts is worth its own moment's pause (if only to note that Coldplay somehow got two spots on the final shuttle playlist, while the likes of The Beatles and Elton John only merited one apiece).

That's not just a sonorous send-off for shuttle spaceflight, it's a momentously melodious mark-point for manned orbital Geek Trivia.

By Jay Garmon

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