Geek Trivia: Why (and how) did the real-life US government rule that the fictional X-Men aren't human?

Why did a real-life court of US law rule that mutants like the X-Men are definitively non-human -- ironically fulfilling the villainous role that the X-Men's comic book adventures always predicted?

This week's quibble comes from the Jan. 27, 2012 edition of Geek Trivia, which asked what Apollo 1 practical joke became unofficial NASA policy after the loss of that mission's crew?

Apparently, I can't do math, as member oldbaritone (among others) pointed out:

"2011 - 1967 does not equal 55. Try 45. I was 11 and I remember it. I don't remember anything from age 1."

Fellow contributor Chip Camden tried to run interference:

"Jay writes these articles ten years in the future...... and then sends them back in time for publication. It's an artifact of procrastination."

Dude, if I had a time machine, I can promise scamming deadlines would be far from my primary use of the device (link is NSFW).

Thanks for the correction (and the cover story), and keep those quibbles coming!

By Jay Garmon

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