Geekend's Top 10 Most Comment-Worthy Posts

As of today, these are the ten Geekend blog posts that have generated the most comments from readers. Apparently, you folks are passionate about Science, Star Wars, Star Trek, Books, Video Games, Movies, and Science Fiction. Now that I know where your buttons are located, expect me to push them as often as possible (I've got a pageview quota people). Enjoy.

  1. Seven warning signs of bogus science - 452 Comments
  2. Poll: What was the greatest arcade game of the ’80s? - 320 Comments
  3. Poll: The greatest sci-fi film of all time (isn’t Star Wars) - 181 Comments
  4. Idiot sci-fi question: Why did the starship Enterprise have such a stupid bridge? - 176 Comments
  5. How ignorant are we, really? - 142 Comments
  6. Can you endure 24-hour computer withdrawal? - 137 Comments
  7. Harry Potter is dead — will reading die with him? (Hint: Too late) - 133 Comments
  8. Video: Hammer-smashing an Apple iPhone - 111 Comments
  9. Who are today’s Asimov, Clarke, and Heinlein? - 77 Comments
  10. George R. R. Martin: 8 sci-fi films better than Star Wars - 75 Comments

By Jay Garmon

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