Geeks get ready for Halloween

Halloween is just one more opportunity for geeks -- for whom costumes are a part of regular life -- to prove that they are the wittiest people at the party. Here are some geeky costume ideas.

Halloween is the only time of year that many people dress up in costumes. But for geeks, costumes are a regular part of life. We even don shirts that are a type of costume in that they proclaim things about our geekdom. Most geeks head out to Cons at least once a year with suitcases packed with little else but costumes. Yes, cosplay is a regular part of geek life; Halloween is just one more opportunity for us to prove that we are indeed the wittiest people at the party.

TechRepublic regularly offers the geek community an opportunity to share pictures and how-to's on making the best geeky costumes. Here's a look back at some of the best:

Geeky costume ideas

Penny Arcade's moogle costume is classic, and Brenna certainly gets big points for creating it. The geekiest costume I ever made was a zombie costume, though we have a store bought Yoda costume floating around the house (our dog Georgia has even worn the Yoda headpiece). For a quick Princess Leia costume, consider twisting your hair into twin buns and donning your bathrobe. I like the idea of actually dressing up like a geek: a collared shirt with a pocket protector is a good start. Wear that with your glasses, and you're set for a party. Or grab a trench coat and some Chuck Taylors, or a long scarf and go as Doctor Who. For an easy Dalek costume, try spray painting a cardboard sandwich board silver and wearing a colander on your head. You can attach a clean plunger to the colander, or you can carry it (the easier to exterminate people with).

There are also many geeky costumes available to buy. For instance, The Official Star Trek Store (a CBS brand) sells costumes, Spock ears, Spock wig, and more.

Send us your photos

If you have a photo of yourself in a geeky Halloween costume, please email it, along with your TechRepublic member alias, to trol at techrepublic dot com. If your costume is handmade, please include instructions on how to make the costume. If we feature your photo in a TechRepublic gallery, we'll send you TR swag.

By Nicole Nash

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