Geeky ways to celebrate Valentine's Day

Looking for ways to celebrate Valentine's Day in true geeky fashion? Nicole Bremer Nash has a few suggestions.

I admit that I'm a bit ambivalent about Valentine's Day. Pretty much everything that Hallmark makes is corny in my opinion, and I just don't go in for mushy, lovey-dovey stuff. That said, I am determined to make this Valentine's Day a fun one, which means I am searching for the perfect way to spend the weekend of February 14th.

I'm happy to share my research, so I offer you this list to help you enjoy the holiday of love in the geekiest, and therefore most fun, way possible.

1. Take your geek date to play laser tag. It's like a video game, but in real life.

2. Spend the weekend together with the lights down low, playing all the special Valentine's quests in World of Warcraft.

3. Buy a special Internet domain and create a Web site listing all the reasons you love your geek. This would also be a fantastic, geeky way to do a marriage proposal.

4. Change your beloved geek's screensaver to show a romantic message from yourself.

5. Put on shoes strangers have worn and go glow bowling.

6. I'm not much into Valentine's gifts, but I do like this t-shirt that combines love and zombies.

I like adventure, but February is too cold here to be outside. To that end, I suggest looking into all the geeky places that you can possibly think of in your area (museums, planetariums, workshops) and finding out what each of them has going on for the holiday. Most places offer some sort of Valentine's special event, and you're likely to find at least one thing that sounds fun.

The point is really to just slow down and spend time with your partner; it doesn't have to be a huge deal (unless your partner is expecting a huge deal, in which case see number 3). As for me, I'm leaning toward laser tag and glow bowling, but if you have a better, geekier idea, let me know in the comments.

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By Nicole Nash

Nicole Bremer Nash is Director of Content and Social Media for HuTerra, where she uses SEO and social media to promote charitable organizations in their community-building and fundraising efforts. She enjoys volunteering, arts and crafts, and conduct...