Get a free copy of 'Infoquake'

Fantasy & Science Fiction magazine assistant editor John Joseph Adams (AKA The Slush God) points this out:

David Louis Edelman, author of the kick-ass SF novel Infoquake [read my review], is giving away five signed copies

of the novel to the people who best accomplish one of five tasks, as

outlined on his blog. Some of the tasks sound like fun, so go give it a

shot. I'd happily enter, but I've already got a copy.

I'm tossing around the obscene limerick challenge. Go debase yourself for some free sci-fi right now.

By Jay Garmon

Jay Garmon has a vast and terrifying knowledge of all things obscure, obtuse, and irrelevant. One day, he hopes to write science fiction, but for now he'll settle for something stranger — amusing and abusing IT pros. Read his full profile. You can a...