How many items can you check off this geek to-do list?

Nicole Bremer Nash created a gallery of 15 basic items that every geek should do. Test your geekiness to see how many items you can cross off this geek to-do list.

TechRepublic contributor Nicole Bremer Nash has created a gallery of 15 basic items that every geek should do. Here are her selections in list format:

  1. Give the Vulcan live long and prosper sign
    Credit: American Classic Arcade Museum
  2. Know the answer to the ultimate question
  3. Make a geeky fashion statement
  4. Read at least one work by Clarke, Asimov, and Bradbury
  5. Take a geeky vacation
  6. Play a role-playing game at least once
  7. Read and watch The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
  8. Read at least one comic book
  9. Know how to survive a zombie attack
  10. Know if Han shot first
  11. Take up a geeky hobby
  12. Be ready to defend your choice of OS
  13. Explain a geeky topic to a non-geek
  14. Know your geek vocab words
  15. Carry on a conversation using only geek movie quotes

So, how many items can you check off this list? What would you remove or add to the list? For this audience, I would add: own a tech gadget. Please post your suggestions in the discussion.

Courtesy of Nicole, here are five skills that every advanced geek should be able to do:

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