Humorous fake Twitter accounts for geeks to follow

Yoda, HAL 9000, Iron Man, and other geeky characters share their thoughts in 140 characters or less in these funny Twitter feeds.

Twitter seems like so much work lately. Every time I check it, it's a lot of social media advertisers telling the world how great they are and that we should buy their products and services. As I unfollow these obnoxious tweeters and search for the ubergeeks worth following, I can't help but feel that my Twitter experience is always improved with a hearty touch of humor.

Here I give you a list of fake Twitter accounts to follow that are mostly humorous. Nobody can be funny all of the time, and they do occasionally have some adult content, but all in all, the folks on this list will soften the work-themed Twitter experience and give you a good laugh.

  1. Darth Vader (@darthvader) keeps you up on the Sith happenings.
  2. Dalek Thay (@DalekThay) uses Twitter to entertain, err, torment humans.
  3. HAL 9000 (@HAL9000_) tweets when he's not being sinister.
  4. Death Star PR (@DeathStarPR) makes light of advertising.
  5. Yoda (@yoda) for your regular dose of a little Yoda wisdom.
  6. Chuck Norris (@chuck_facts) is not the actual Chuck Norris, but is great with the Norris jokes.
  7. Trooper TK1138 (@TK_1138) serves up Star Wars humor.
  8. Stewie Griffin (@LordVaderStewie) rules the Dark Side.
  9. Hipster dalek (@HipsterDalek) find out what happens when Daleks go mainstream.
  10. Admiral Ackbar (@_Admiral_Ackbar) reports on what the Star Wars guys are up to when they aren't busy.
  11. General Veers (@GeneralVeers) is hard at work.
  12. Verified Darth (@SithSarcasm) offers more Star Wars humor.
  13. Office SnowTrooper (@OfficeTrooper) is working the Hoth help desk.
  14. Iron Man (@RustyIronMan) from one superhero to a thousand others.
  15. Superman/Clark Kent (@JerkSuperman) fun with superpowers.
  16. Boba Fett (@BobaFett_) tweets when he's not hunting people.
  17. Emperor Palpatine (@LordPalpatine) claims Steve Jobs is now focusing on Imperial duties.
  18. Darth Vader (@DepressedDarth) because being evil isn't all fun and games.

What Twitter accounts, real or fake, do you think are worth following? Post your recommendations for your fellow Geekend readers.