I'm not cool enough for these t-shirts

Actually, I just don't wear that many t-shirts anymore. I'm really a

polos-and-button-downs kind of guy (read: painfully uptight). But if I

did wear more t-shirts, I'd wear these:

Category: Star Wars

Chewie is my co-pilot

Han shot first

Category: Ninjas

Wuzup my ninja?

I am ten ninjas

Category: Roleplaying games

I win


I roll twenties

Rogues do it

Category: Video games

I'm on fire!

1 up

Category: Science fiction


Joss Whedon is my master now

Soylent Green

Category: Science fact

Binary people

Black holes suck

Viva la Relativity


Category: Generic geek



Geek inside


I Google myself (Thanks Beth)

Category: Totally obscure

I poke badgers with spoons (Thank you, Eddie Izzard)