Impressive LEGO creations on display at Brickworld Indy 2012

LEGO fans are sure to like these photos and video from Brickworld Indy 2012 that show off some of the builders' fun, elaborate, and jaw-dropping creations.

Brickworld Indy 2012 was held March 10-11 in Indianapolis, IN, and it was the place to be for LEGO builders and enthusiasts. The TechRepublic photo gallery, LEGO creations at Brickworld Indy 2012, features some of the fun and impressive models on display, from LEGO Yoda to a LEGO van Gogh-inspired piece.


Photo credit: Ben Biddle via Flickr


Photo credit: wrightbrosfan via Flickr

TechRepublic's Sonja Thompson found a 17-minute video of Brickworld 2012 on YouTube by John Brune that gives you a good idea of what it was like to attend the event. You get an up-close look at intricate LEGO displays with trains, dinosaurs, and stadiums that have moving parts, huge LEGO models, and kids creating their own LEGO masterpieces.

Registration is open for Brickworld Chicago 2012, which is held June 13 - 17. Let us know if you've ever attended a LEGO event either as a builder or a fan, and if so, what you thought of the experience. Also, what was the last thing you built with LEGOs? Tell us in the comments.

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