Introducing the most mocked criminal of the week

In a fine example of the axiom -- steal what you know -- we have this poor simpleton. He stole an iMac computer from some offices in Vancouver BC and decided to play around with it. The Mac OS X interface must have been too enticing for him to ignore. He took a picture of his rad tatoos and then, mistakenly we presume, posted his photos onto the company's Flickr account. That's right he posted his picture on the Flickr account of the company he stole the iMac from.

Can you say busted.

Now, this sorry sap's mug shot is making the rounds in the blogosphere where he is being mocked without mercy. I just had to join in the fun. Originally found via BoingBoing, but it can be found all over by now. The company Flickr account is amusing -- they can't believe what they are seeing.