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LEGO mania at Brickworld 2011 Chicago

LEGO spaceships, the Dirty Brickster gift exchange, and the boat challenge are just some of the things you would have seen at Brickworld 2011 Chicago. Check out photos from the LEGO fan event.

Brickworld 2011 Chicago was held the weekend of June 18-19, along with a three-day semi-private event of workshops and special presentations for advanced registrants. Brickworld is a massive convention for LEGO enthusiasts, specialty vendors, and fans alike where hundreds of LEGO models are on display and awards are given for the best models. The convention was created by Adult Fans of LEGOs (AFOLs).

At Brickworld 2011 Chicago, there were 30,000 square feet of various LEGO models made completely of LEGO bricks — from buildings to cityscapes, cars to spaceships, mosaics, light-up scenes, and much more. Also, there is a massive vendor room where you can buy nearly any part you can think of (plus some that you wouldn't have thought existed) for your LEGO collection.

Many challenges and events are available for participation and viewing throughout the Brickworld weekends every year. These events include a boat challenge, a Build-On-The-Spot (BOTS) challenge, and a crazy LEGO gift exchange called Dirty Brickster (where everyone buys official LEGO products totaling up to $10, drops it in a pile, and then each gets to pick a gift at random to open).

Check out the TechRepublic photo gallery LEGO builders show off their creativity at Brickworld 2011 Chicago to see some photos from LEGO fan convention.

Photo by Bill Ward

Photo by Bill Ward

Photo by Bill Ward

Photo by Bill Ward

Thanks to Bill Ward of Brickpile for allowing us the use photos from his Flickr Brickworld 2011 collection.

If you have you ever been to a LEGO convention, and Brickworld in particular, let us know what you thought of it in the comments section.

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