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Looking for free software experts

My colleague RexWorld sent me this little distress signal earlier today. If you think you qualify, send him (not me) a private message.

"Hey, if you...might be interested

in picking up

some IS/IT type articles for, let me know. Could be

good exposure—a byline on is bound to reach a pretty wide

audience. Here's details on what they're looking for:

"We have been doing a series of "Best Free Software" features, like this one.

"Each short feature showcases 10 totally free programs in the category

on our site, in this case IS/IT. The problem with this particular

feature is finding the expertise; we don't have anyone knowledgable

about this on staff [at] nor the equipment to test the software in practice.

I'm looking for someone who can find and review 10 good free products

and then write up this short feature. I'm more interested in finding

someone very knowledgeable about the subject than I am in someone who's

a great writer—I can edit things into shape."

Rex is a good guy and wouldn't ask if he wasn't serious. If you legitimately think you could do the job, drop him a line.

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