Mark your calendar for these geeky dates

There are more notable geek dates to celebrate than Hallmark holidays to cringe over (read: Valentine's Day). Here are some geeky dates that you might want to put on your calendar.


2. Father of science fiction Isaac Asimov's birthday. (Related Geekend post: Geek Trivia: To write a wrong.) 3. It seems notable that J.R.R. Tolkien's birthday is the day after Asimov's. (Related Geekend post: The "real" Mordor is...Transylvania (duh).) 17. Martin Luther King Jr. Day coincides with the birthday of that geekiest of geeks, Ben Franklin.


4. The Sims launched on this day in the year 2000. *Sigh* I really loved that game. Importing user-created items and then fixing the game crashes is how I learned so much about computers, and ultimately how I became a geek. 8. Clean Out Your Computer Day 12. Darwin Day (go catch up on this year's Darwin Awards) 27. February 27, 2011 is the planned date for what is supposed to be the last ever space shuttle launch, dubbed Mission #STS-134. I have trouble accepting this fact.


8. The birthday of Ralph Baer, who invented consumer video game consoles. 9. Scientists found liquid water on Saturn's largest moon, Enceladus, on this day in 2008. 10. The Dot Com bubble burst when the NASDAQ closed at 5048 on this day in 2000. 11. Douglas Adams was born on this day in 1952. 14. Pi-einstein Day Stardate 1277.1. James T. Kirk will be born in 2233. 24. Girl code monkey like you! It's Ada Lovelace Day! (Related Geekend post: Happy Ada Lovelace Day: Celebrating women in tech and science.)


4. Pac-Man debuted on this day in 1980. (Related Geekend post: Pac-Man turns 30, enjoys a warm celebration worldwide.) 30. April 30, 1993 is when Al Gore invented the Internet the World Wide Web was created at CERN. This is perhaps the most important geek day in our time.


4. Star Wars Day 8. Mother's Day (the first woman to ever love your geekiness) 14. George Lucas's birthday 22. The Ethernet was invented on this day in 1973. 25. Geek Pride Day and Towel Day. (Related Geekend posts: Happy International Geek Pride Day! and Hey, galactic hitchhikers - Happy Towel Day!)


16. Captain Picard Day (Jean Luc is a favorite with the geek ladies.) (Related Geekend video: Kirk vs. Picard: The movie!) 19. Father's Day (Related Geekend gallery and post: Geeked out gift ideas for Father's Day and Darth Vader: My unlikely fatherhood role model.) 23. Alan Turing and Joss Whedon share a birthday. 28. Felicia Day's birthday (she's a favorite with the geek guys). (Related Geekend post: Get your Game On with Felicia Day and the cast from The Guild.)


5. Newton's Principia was published on this day in 1687. 13. Embrace your Geekness Day 27. Gary Gygax Day (because he was born on this day in 1938) (Related Geekend posts: R.I.P. - Gary Gygax, creator of Dungeons and Dragons and 15 simple rules for getting your girlfriend to play D&D.) 29. System Administrator Appreciation Day and Wil Wheaton's birthday (Related Geekend posts: Sysadmin Day: a day for techies to celebrate each other and w00tstock: A vaudeville show for geeks.)


11. The anniversary of the 1903 patent on instant coffee. Geeks will have fuel. 19. Gene Roddenberry was born on this day in 1921. (Related Geekend post: Geek Trivia: A star of all Treks.) 22. Ray Bradbury's birthday 24. This is the day Pluto taken off the planet list; geeks everywhere are still mad about it. (Related Geekend post: Pluto replies to its planetary demotion.) 26. The man credited as the father of chemistry, Antoine Lavoisier, was born on this day in 1743. 27. International Cosplay Day


This is an important month for everybody's favorite we're not-evil corporation. Google was founded September 7, 1998, and the company was awarded a patent for a webpage with a search field in the middle on September 1, 2009.

19. Talk Like a Pirate Day. I don't entirely get why this is a geek thing, but it just is. (Related Geekend post: Avast, ye scalawags, for Talk Like a Pirate Day draws nigh!) 22. Bilbo and Frodo Baggins share a birthday, making this Hobbit Day. 27. The birthday of Perl creator, Larry Wall.


3. Techies Day and Virus Appreciation Day. Users, be nice to the techies, or they might infect your system. 12. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy was first published on this day in 1979. 31. Halloween. Another chance for cosplay! (Related Geekend post: Geeks get ready for Halloween.)


7. Marie Curie was born on this day in 1867. 19. World of Warcraft was first released on this day in 2004. Geek marriages are put to the test. (Related Geekend post: Geek Gifts 2010: World of Warcraft: Cataclysm.)


5. Pretend You're a Ninja Day. Watch out -- geeks tend to be clumsy. 28. Linus Torvalds's birthday 30. On this day in 1924, Edwin Hubble thought it would make the holiday season merry and bright to tell people that other galaxies exist. He made the holiday season scary instead.

Please post in the discussion any notable geek dates you think we should consider adding to this list.

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