MintiBoost workshop for geek women at LVL1 Hackerspace

A recent Tweetup in Louisville, KY offered female tech enthusiasts the chance to learn hands-on geek skills. Look at photos from the hackerspace workshop on how to make MintiBoosts, battery-powered USB chargers made with Altoid tins.

Every so often, a group of women gets together in Louisville, KY to discuss the newest technologies, apps, and other generally geek-related stuff. The group was founded by Michelle Jones, and usually meets at a local bakery -- hence the group name Let Them Tweet Cake.

A couple of Tweet Cake regulars are also involved with LVL1 Hackerspace, and thus we were invited to a special workshop at LVL1. The project was the making of MintiBoosts, battery-powered USB chargers made with Altoid tins. We learned how to solder and attach transistors to tiny motherboards. The group also enjoyed a tour of the warehouse where LVL1 has workspace for everything from the free and low-cost workshops that LVL1 hosts for the public, to the area dedicated to the development of LVL1's White Star Balloons project.

The cost of the MintiBoost workshop held at LVL1 Hackerspace was minimal, to cover the cost of materials. Folks from LVL1 were kind to volunteer time to lead the Let Them Tweet Cake group through the process of learning how to solder. Each attendee made her own pocket-size MintiBoost USB charger.

Check out the TechRepublic gallery Battery-powered USB chargers made with Altoids tins to see images of yours truly trying to learn some geek skills and build my own MintiBoost!

Photo credit: Grace Simrall