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Model builders display their creations at WonderFest 2011

Movie geeks and model hobbyists recently converged at WonderFest 2011 in Louisville, KY, to show off their creations, learn new build techniques, and attend expert lectures. Take a look at some WonderFest 2011 photos.

WonderFest 2011 was held in Louisville, KY, on May 14-15. According to the WonderFest site, the event features the largest model contest in the United States for sci-fi, horror, and comics-related subjects, seminars on how to build models, movie special effects guests, and model and toy dealers.

Check out the TechRepublic gallery Geeky models on display at WonderFest 2011 to see photos from the annual event.

Photo credit: TER-OR via Flickr
Photo credit: TER-OR via Flickr

Photo credit: TER-OR via Flickr

Geekend readers, if you build models or used to build models, please tell us about your favorite creations.

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