My reading to-do list for 2011

Star Trek, zombies, and Saxons are themes in several of the books Edmond Woychowsky intends to read this year. See what's on his complete reading list, and then share what you plan to read in 2011.

I'm what you'd call a voracious reader, but I still never have enough time to read everything that interests me. So I try to plan out which books I'm going to read in the new year. Here's my current reading list for 2011 (this list is subject to change -- I like to prowl around bookstores looking for good reads).

  • As soon as I can, I'm going to read Star Trek: The Original Series 365 by Paula M. Block. The coffee table book, which was published in 2010, covers all 79 episodes of the original series and features behind the scenes commentary and lots and lots of photos.
  • Somehow last year I also didn't get a chance to read Autobiography of Mark Twain, Volume 1. Yeah, it's not very geeky, but I think everyone should read at least one important book a year. Also, there's something cool about a new book from an author that's been dead for 100 years.
  • When I had a nightmare commute, I kept what little sanity that I have left by listening to podcasts. Well, one of my favorite authors, M. K. Hobson has written a dead-tree book titled The Hidden Goddess that I'm looking forward to reading when it is released April 26th. It's the sequel to his weird western The Native Star.
  • I recently discovered Night Shade Books. From their home page, "Night Shade Books is dedicated to publishing quality books from a broad spectrum of genres." I'll be checking out their short story collections dedicated to zombies: The Living Dead and The Living Dead 2. I'm also looking forward to The Book of Cthulhu. There's nothing like reading about an elder evil -- it reminds me of my childhood and living with my older half-brothers. It's too bad that I'll have to wait for this release until September.
  • Like everyone else who has gotten hooked on Eric Flint's 1632 series, I'm looking forward to his book 1636: The Saxon Uprising, which has a release date of April 5th. There's just something about alternate history -- maybe it's the way that knowledge can turn a world on its ear.  Sounds a bit like WikiLeaks, doesn't it?
  • Another book I'd like to read is The Geeks' Guide to World Domination: Be Afraid, Beautiful People by Garth Sundem. It's a good idea to be ready for what the future brings. After all, didn't somebody once say the geek will inherit the earth?
  • There are a number of books that I'd like to re-read this year. One title that comes to mind is George R. R. Martin's Fevre Dream. There have been so many bad vampire novels published in the last couple of years that I need to read a really good one so I don't give up on the genre. Also, it gives me the excuse to read Lord Byron. While I'm on the subject of poems, it has been far too long since I read Randall Garrett's poem of Isaac Asimov's The Caves of Steel. The poem is in The Best of Randall Garrett, which unfortunately is out of print.

What do you plan to read this year? Post your selections in the discussion. I might even wind up adding some of your picks to my reading list.

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