Nine date night movies for geeks

Edmond Woychowsky lists films that satisfy his geeky expectations for a movie and his wife's non-geeky expectations. Share your geeky date night picks.

Edward Scissorhands

As the geek-half of a mixed marriage (my wife isn't a geek), I'm constantly searching for movies that fit both of our needs for those nights when the kids are out. This is my compiled "safe" movie list:

The list may seem somewhat odd, but each movie has something for both of us. In Kate & Leopold, there's time travel and causality for me and romance and Hugh Jackman for my wife. Now this doesn't mean all time travel romances are good date night options; those genre flicks need a happy ending, which is why The Time Traveler's Wife doesn't make the list.

Edward Scissorhands is the lone "horror" movie on the list. It has Johnny Depp for my wife and Vincent Price as an eccentric (and possibly mad) scientist for me. While the ending isn't as much happy as it is hopeful, it still counts for something.

What Women Want is the tale of a self-centered, chauvinistic man who, after an accident, gains the ability to hear what women are thinking. Initially, he uses his newfound power for self gain, but his new insight changes his outlook on life and his relationships with women. While my wife likes the story and Mel Gibson, I'm more of a fan of the telepathy.

Solaris is the story of a psychologist (played by George Clooney) on a distant space station where the dead are alive again and totally unaware of their former situation. The psychologist's objectivity becomes unglued when confronted by the return of his late wife. Both of us enjoy the fact that the movie questions the nature of reality and how people perceive it.

For more date night options, check out Jay Garmon's list of the top five sci-fi/fantasy chick flicks:

What film suggestions would you add to this list? Tell us in the discussion.

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