Old-school craftsmanship meets modern technology in the Steampunk Workshop

IT manager Jake von Slatt has always had a passion for old tech. Check out his step-by-step demonstration of this amazing steampunk keyboard mod.

Jake von Slatt

IT manager Jake von Slatt has always had a passion for old tech. In an interview with Bostodelphia last month, he explained:

Steampunk keyboard

"Part of the reason...is its accessibility to the tinkerer. 19th-century tech can be recreated with tools you can own or build. I don't need a vapor deposition chamber or a wafer fab facility to build a radio, the most sophisticated thing I need is a good vacuum pump.... As for the word [Steampunk], when I'm working in my shop and I need, say some sort of linkage, I look through my junk box and see what similar to the part I'm looking for and I modify it to serve. I'll admit to co-opting the term in a similar way for my website [The Steampunk Workshop]."

In many ways I think Steampunk is a reaction to Cyberpunk, its a desire to inject an element of humanity and passion into something cold and virtual and as such I think it will have a longer run... Making things is also a central theme among (what I am going to start calling) Steam Punks, as is a general anti-corporate, pro-individual attitude. We're anti-corporate not because big companies are evil or anything, but because they are boring and promote sameness and we see too much of that in the world. We treasure unique things."

Intrigued? Check out Jake's step-by-step demonstration of his amazing steampunk keyboard mod.

Steampunk keyboard