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Peer seeks science-fiction movie recommendations

TechRepublic member jardinier is looking for science-fiction movie recommendations. Check out some of the film suggestions he's already received and then add your picks to the list.

TechRepublic member jardinier is looking for science-fiction movie recommendations. For more details, read jardinier's discussion post:

I know that this has been done to death in the past, but I am facing a dilemma in that some recently released movies ("Moon" for example) which received rave reviews was totally boring and at the end of it I was not even sure of the plot (theme).

So I am looking for older movies that have been tried and proven.

Obviously not all recent releases are bombs. Avatar was awesome. But the online reviews I read rarely coincide with my idea of a good Sc-Fi movie.

All recommendations, with reasons, will be gratefully received.

The member also notes that Forbidden Planet, The Forbin Project, and Logan's Run are movies he likes.

Since jardinier posted this question in January, a number of members have offered their sci-fi movie recommendations. Here are some of the suggestions to date:

What science-fiction films do you think this member should check out? Please post your recommendations in the discussion.

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