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Photos from BrickMagic Festival for LEGO Fans

LEGO builders and enthusiasts met up at the recent BrickMagic Festival for LEGO fans. These photos show some of the incredible LEGO creations on display at the event.

The BrickMagic Festival for LEGO Fans was held in North Raleigh, NC from May 7-8, 2011. The event featured workshop on building tips and techniques, a robotics competition, a demonstration of the making of animated LEGO films, and more. Check out photos of some of the LEGO creations — which include a bicycle, a drive-in theater, a map of the United States, and a gingerbread house — that were on display.

Photo credit: Brickapolis via Flickr

Photo credit: danny316p via Flickr
Photo credit: tehLEGOman via Flickr

Thanks to TechRepublic member mwhuffman for bringing this event to our attention.

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