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Pics: Costumes, fanboys, and outer space toilets...oh my!

Geeks participate in some of the more interesting, unusual, and outlandish hobbies to be found in the temporal sphere of existence--and we have the photos to prove it. FanExpo Canada, Blizzcon '07, Dragon*Con and the Johnson Space Center(?) each are presented herein, along with a call for yet more geek-worthy photos from Geekenders at large. Look, learn, and live the dream here.

Geeks participate in some of the more interesting, unusual, and outlandish hobbies to be found in the temporal sphere of existence—and we have the photos to prove it.

For example, aficionados of the MMORPG World of Warcraft aren't all content to limit their hack 'n slash passions to cyberspace, which is where Blizzcon comes in. Blizzcon is the official convention for WoW fanatics, and it's one of those often under-appreciated venues and examples of broken uber-geek stereotypes. Below, you'll note the confluence of improbably attractive and well-costumed ladies intermingling with your typical black t-shirted gamers. Technologia (TR's own WoW guild) member Tony Kaelin snapped these Blizzcon pics

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Meanwhile, TechRepublic member JamesRL snagged these pics from FanExpo Canada. If you think only Jek Porkins lookalikes own homemade X-wing flightsuits, you're in for quite a shock.

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My fellow aspiring science-fiction writer, paid roleplaying game developer, and coder-by-day buddy Lizard willfully shared his photo bounty from this year's Dragon*Con in Atlanta. It's perhaps the only place you can see Princess Vespa consorting with Princess Leia, as shown below.

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Finally, lest one assume that costume conventions are the only natural out-of-the-cubicle habitat for your fellow techno-geeks, we offer up this photograph from NASA employee and friend-of-the-blog Ron Phillips, who works in Advanced Spaceflight Training Systems Development. Translation: He has access to full-scale spacecraft simulators, including those of the Space Shuttle—and its space toilet—as seen below.

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Have you got some Geekend-worthy photos you'd like to share? Send me a private message via my TR profile, and we'll work out some photo-sharing details. If your work is good enough, I might even be able to get you enshrined into a TR Photo gallery, which in turn will guarantee promotion in TR newsletters (like, say Geekend). Live the dream people.

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