Poll: Have you ever missed work to play a video game?

The word is that some World of Warcraft fans are taking time off work to play Cataclysm. Can you relate to missing work to play a video game?

World of Warcraft fans have been looking forward to today's release of the Cataclysm expansion pack for quite some time. We've even heard talk about some fans taking a day (or two or three) off work to play Cataclysm.

Please take the following Geekend poll to let us know if you can relate. (And don't worry -- we're not asking you to come clean about whether you used vacation time or called in sick to play.)

WoW fans, check back within the next week for TechRepublic's review of Cataclysm. For now, check out this Cataclysm content. Also, let us know: Did you host or attend a Cataclysm launch party?