Real-world 'equivalents' of fictional 1980s robots

TerminatorFrom Cracked magazine: The Top Ten '80s Robots (We Expected to Exist By Now).

Example #3: The Terminator
Description: Sometimes, a robot just has to want to destroy all humans, are we right? Also, whether that heavily accented man from the future is here to protect or eliminate us, at least our long-standing Christ complex is finally validated.
Lacking, Present Day Equivalent:
Al Gore
Good First Steps:
Doomsday prophecies; stilted, unconvincing dialogue.
Lacks: Murderous rampages, snappy catchphrases.

Also on the list: Optimus Prime, R2-D2, Crow T. Robot & Tom Servo, Harrison Ford's character in Blade Runner, Data, KITT, ED-209, Lisa from Weird Science, and Johnny Five. All are equally hilarious. Found via SFSignal.

By Jay Garmon

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