Recommended Web comics

Of late, I've added a number of Web comics to my online funny, bookmarks. Here's the rundown of my must-read list (note, this does not include newspaper comics reprinted on the Web):

  • PvP - Insane antics of the staff of a gaming magazine. Includes a lovable troll.
  • User Friendly - IT-centric snarkfest starring the staff of a Canadian ISP
  • Nodwick - Travails of a henchman employed by a trio of bumbling fantasy adventurers
  • Full Frontal Nerdity - The dorktacular conversations of four gaming geeks who never leave the table
  • Dork Tower (updated irregularly) - Comic soap opera starring a band of plucky, hapless, modern geeks
  • Gone with the Blastwave - Post-apocalyptic, super-dark buddy comedy
  • Unshelved - The quaint comic underbelly of your local public library
  • Diesel Sweeties - Pixelated musings and moanings from a group of tragically hip 20-somethings
  • A Softer World - Ironic and darkly funny photo-comic
  • Piled Higher and Deeper - Sarcastic take on a class of eternally un-degreed grad students
  • Penny Arcade - The preemeninent inside-joke comic following two iconic video game addicts
  • Shortpacked - The pathetically funny lives of the staff of a retail toy store
  • CRTL+ALT+DEL - Two guys, a girl, and sentient game-console android
  • Popcorn Picnic - Skewering Hollywood by virtue of movie parodies