RPGs: Tabletop, MMO, or single-player video game?

If you could only pick one RPG genre, would you stick with MMORPG, tabletop, or single-player video game? Let us know by taking this quick poll.

When I was growing up, the closest thing to an MMORPG was a MUD with a few dozen people on at once or perhaps Legend of the Red Dragon (L.O.R.D.) on your favorite BBS. If we wanted our fix of dragon slaying, we had to get out the books, the pencils, and the paper and play a traditional tabletop role-playing game. Then Final Fantasy came out, and video games finally had an RPG-like experience. Then one day, everyone I knew was playing Everquest, the first really huge MMORPG. If you had to pick one of these genres of RPG to stick with, which would it be?