So who is going to see the "new Star Wars" AKA Serenity?

Anybody who has been reading my blog knows that I'm going to see the movie Serenity this weekend. Rotten Tomatoes currently rates it as "80% Fresh" which means good.

Just like almost every other review of every other moderately anticipated sci-fi flick of the last 30 years, Serenity has been compared to Star Wars. Of course nowadays, that's not a complement, and Serenity has been hailed as providing that which the Star Wars prequels lacked--plot, character, emotion, and good dialogue.

So, I've got a pair of questions:

  1. Anybody else got plans to see the new flick?
  2. What does it say about the Star Wars franchise that it's still the standard by which all sci-fi movies are judged, only now it's seen as the mistake to be avoided, rather than the heights to which one should aspire?