Star Trek: The Exhibition celebrates science and entertains fans

Star Trek: The Exhibition features props from the franchise's television shows and films, as well as information about how Star Trek has contributed to science. See Nicole Bremer Nash's photos of the traveling exhibit.

Nearly every Trekkie I know dreams of sitting in Captain Kirk's chair. Star Trek: The Exhibition gives Star Trek fans a chance to do just that and quite a bit more. Star Trek: The Exhibition is about more than the franchise's television shows and movies; it also showcases how Star Trek contributed to science, and teaches attendees many truths behind science fiction.

I got to see the traveling exhibit at the Louisville Science Center in Louisville, KY, where it will be through May 22, 2011. The Star Trek: The Exhibition is also at the Riverside Metropolitan Museum in Riverside, CA, through February 28, 2011. (The exhibit is a little different in every venue.)

In addition to viewing Jean Luc Picard's living quarters, I also saw many of the actual spaceships used in the TV series (the ships are quite a bit smaller in real life).

Take a look at my photos of Star Trek: The Exhibition.

Special programming

The Louisville Science Center has special programming designed around the Star Trek exhibit. The programming changes the exhibit from a walk-through experience to a learning experience. Star Trek related programming at the Louisville Science Center includes workshops on subjects such as living and working in space and extremophile organisms (these are organisms that live in extreme environments).

Running in tandem with Star Trek: The Exhibition is the IMAX film Quantum Quest. This animated space odyssey features images from NASA, and an all-star voice cast, including Samuel L. Jackson, William Shatner, and Neil Armstrong. Word on the street is that adults and children alike are enjoying Quantum Quest, and that it is a worthwhile addition to a day at the Star Trek exhibition.

Note: This IMAX film may not be part of Star Trek: The Exhibition programming if you see the exhibit in another city.


Tickets to Star Trek: The Exhibition at the Louisville Science Center are $18 for adults and $14 for children. This includes admission to the entire museum. IMAX Quantum Quest tickets are $5 each.

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