Technologia: Winning the Shattered Sun Offensive

Technologia Guild Officers Elkwinkarma and Ramekinwalk take part in the Shattered Sun Offensive and live to tell the tale.

One of the most engaging activities in the World of Warcraft are what are know as Worldwide Server Events. These events aspire to involve the participation of all players of the appropriate level in a storyline that plays out for the entire game universe. The more participation of the population, the faster the story advances, and the faster everyone can get to the rewards.

One of the most successful of these Worldwide Events has been the Shattered Sun Offensive. The main area of focus for this event is the Isle of Quel'Danas, which was inserted into the game world specifically for this story. Technologia Guild Officers Elkwinkarma and Ramekinwalk, took part in this adventure and we have the images to prove it in this TechRepublic Photo Gallery.

The gallery is titled:

By Mark Kaelin

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