Tell us about your cool geek gifts

Robot kits, zombie video games, and an MMORPG pet are some of TechRepublic members' geekiest gifts of the holiday season. Tell us about the geekiest gift you received or gave during the holiday season.

I always see so many things after the holidays that I wish I'd asked for before the holidays. This year was not a very geeky haul for myself (I was focused on crafting supplies), but I did gift lots of zombie-killing video games, some K'nex robot kits, and a set of robot pajamas -- I even gave TechRepublic members a list of geeky gift ideas.

We asked on the site, and we asked on TechRepublic's Facebook page: What is the geekiest gift you gave or received? Top answers include:

  • An (adult) friend of mine got two different LEGO sets, including the one where Dobby saves Harry from Malfoy. I don't know if it gets geekier than LEGO Dobby. (Unrelated: Have you seen the new LEGO Ninjago series? LEGO ninjas! Now we just need LEGO zombies and we're set.)
  • Oh wait! It does get geekier than LEGO Dobby. One TechRepublic reader was gifted a laptop repair manual. She's very excited about the included flow charts.
  • JackofallTech received a tiny stuffed Gandolf, which really isn't quite as geeky as the binary blanket he got last year.
  • Tink! gave her significant other an MMORPG pet. All the cozy of a kitten without the litter box mess.
  • One member gave the gift of full access bars to his whole family by moving their access point to a more central location. Geeky and inexpensive!
  • A Doctor Who disappearing Tardis mug was given to someone special. Tip: they aren't kidding when they say it is NOT dishwasher safe!
  • robo-dev gave out zombie blood because it's red like Christmas.
  • Hex bug sets were a geek favorite.
  • HAL 9000 gave the gift of IT snark to an obnoxious client. This might be the best geek gift ever!
  • Newsletter Editor felt like a geek when giving her boyfriend a USB hub. Giving it isn't nearly so geeky as asking for a USB hub!

Tell us about the geekiest gift you gave or received over the holiday season. Even better -- send your geek gift action shots to mary dot weilage at cbsinteractive dot com. (Please include who should be credited for the photo you submit.) You might get featured in a TechRepublic gallery.

A photo of one of the gifts I gave: the K'NEX Ferris Wheel. (Credit: Nicole Bremer Nash)

A photo of one of the gifts I gave: the K'NEX Stomper Robo-Battler. (Credit: Nicole Bremer Nash)