The 10 lamest things to do at Comic-Con

When you attend a geeky conference, don't act like a jerk. Edmond Woychowsky offers nine more tips about what not to do at a Comic-Con.

There are so many cool things to do at a Comic-Con, including get autographs, go shopping, see new movie trailers, and dress up for the Masquerade. At Comic-Con 2010, you can essentially pack at least two weeks' worth of geek activities into one long weekend. You can also do some pretty lame things.

Whether you're attending Comic-Con 2010 in San Diego, CA, or you're planning to go to a Comic-Con in the future, here are things not to do while you're at the event (my list is in no particular order):

  1. Accost the stars when they're going about their own business. Yes, even they like to shop for goodies, so let them.
  2. Heckle the panel speaker. The actor may have shot your favorite character in the back or done something else equally horrendous, but, fellow geeks, keep in mind it's fiction.
  3. Ignore the Masquerade's no weapons policy. Not only can someone get hurt, but it's also a good way to find oneself a guest of the city of San Diego (or whichever city you're in for that particular event).
  4. Expect the artists, actors, or writers to remember you from last year. They may have met thousands of people during that time; so unless you went to school together or are a relative, odds are, they don't remember you. (Caveat: If they're selling something and you make a major purchase, your odds will be a lot better next year.)
  5. Do an impression of an actor to his or her face. You don't want to be that fan.
  6. Annoy the other attendees. Nobody cares if you hate Death Note or InuYasha -- everyone is entitled to their likes and dislikes.
  7. Forget that it's a family event. Tone down the fracking language, people -- there are younglings about.
  8. Stack the deck in card-based games. Now that I think about it, I know a comic book shop where that's a good way to be banned for life.
  9. Forget basic door-holding etiquette. You should always hold the door for the person behind you, especially because you never know who it might be. Fortunately my mother raised me right, which meant that Walter Koenig got a chance to laugh at the dumb expression on my face as I held the door.
  10. Be a jerk. Comic-Con is supposed to be fun, so lighten up and enjoy it!

Most of these rules apply to pretty much any geek convention. For more Comic-Con tips, read's Survival Guide.

So what would you add to this list? I'd love to hear about lame things you've seen people do at conventions, or perhaps something you did at a con that you now regret. Share your stories in the discussion.

For coverage of Comic-Con 2010 in San Diego, visit these CBS Interactive sites:, GameSpot, and CBS News.

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