The Bluesmobile via Google Earth and LEGO

The Blues Brothers taught us many things -- always pay your taxes, always help out those you love even if it means fighting some neo-Nazis, never date a woman who owns a bazooka -- but the main lesson many of us took from the film was that retired cop cars have great engines. Hence, the bridge-jumping, loudspeaker-toting 1974 Dodge Monaco better known as the Bluesmobile. It's a car so beloved that it's showing up in the most unlikely of places.

bluesi.jpgFor example, a digital replica of the Bluesmobile can be found in Google Earth (thanks, reddit) jumping the Tacony-Palmyra Bridge between New Jersey and Pennsylvania in much the same fashion as the real Bluesmobile lept Chicago's East 95th Street Bridge in the movie. Just another inevitable and hilarious effect of open sourcing your 3D building sketch-ups, Google. Newsflash: Computer nerds are often movie nerds too.

lego_bluesmobile.jpgYou can also construct a very reasonable facsimile of said Bluesmobile made out of LEGO blocks (thanks, Neatorama). Extra points for dirtying up the component blocks to give it that signature funktified Blues Brothers feel. Now all we need is a LEGO SWAT team, LEGO Illinois Nazis, a LEGO country-and-western band, and a LEGO Carrie Fisher to chase the poor buggers, and we're set.